Impress Products Ltd is a new dynamic company with a wealth of product design and manufacturing experience. We have our own design and manufacturing facilities, based in South-west of England.

The Impress Compact Fitness System is the first of our new range of unique and innovative pieces of exercise equipment. It is designed to help busy people keep fit and enjoy greater muscle tone, flexibility and strength as part of a healthy lifestyle.

It is a hand held resistance based device, which has been developed with reputable sports physiotherapists, all the exercises have been displayed on an associated poster, the Compact Fitness System has its own fitness DVD with 40 minute exercise routines included.

The unique design of the Compact Fitness System means it can be assembled in a minute, weighs only 1.2kg and dismantles into its own 200mm long jute bag. Ideal as a home exercise system, light and portable to take with you - on the move.

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"I just wanted to provide a bit of feedback on a recent order that I placed. Prior to placing my order I had never heard of your company, but my purchase was been handled very efficiently and I’d just like to say how “impressed” I’ve been with your Sport Compact Fitness System I purchased. It is ideal for my busy life style with it being such a versatile, light yet strong unit.

"Thanks for a very good product and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future."

M.Palfrey, Peterborough

"The Impress Compact Fitness System is a great product to help keep your body exercised and toned especially when you do a lot of travelling! An ideal training partner
It’s compact nature makes it very versatile and it’s precision engineering gives you the confidence that you’re going to get a really good workout!"

Daryl Coombes
Human Performance Centre Manager
Renault F1 Team Limited

"The Impress Compact System is a very versatile piece of fitness equipment. The mere fact it is so tidy and small means you don't have to have a large amount of space to exercise at home or in a hotel room if you do a lot of traveling. It enables the user to perform almost any exercise you would do in a gym so is a great tool for anyone who doesn't have the time to go to the gym as often as they'd like. It's a fabulous way for instructors to create home programs for people to complement their gym workouts, again if they know that individual is likely to have long gaps in between visits to
the gym.
Personal Trainers can use the Impress Compact System, as it's light and so easily transportable it's great to be able take it into their clients home (or the park) be set up in minutes & ready to go.
Gyms and Health Clubs could benefit from the using Impress Compact System, it's non intimidating for people who may find weights just too scary! Also when it's busy & people are waiting for their favourite machine, why not give them an alternative with the Impress Compact System, the member no longer has to queue and goes away happy."

Zoe Trythall
Health Club Manager
The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club

The Impress 'Compact Fitness System'
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