benefits ofstrength training

Regular exercise will help you stay physically and mentally fit by building good body image. The benefits of strength training are improvement of the shape and tone of your muscles. You will be helping to prevent injury, by developing strength, stamina and balance due to more efficient muscles. Regular training also helps maintain good sleep patterns, which in turn are vital for our immune systems. Building stronger muscles will also help you achieve higher bone density, by way of the muscle tendon attachments impacting on the bone and stimulating growth. Strength training is practically as vital to overall fitness as Cardio Vascular exercise.

To do the Impress Strength Training programme’s you should ideally be using either the Sport resistance or the pro. However if you are a small female or a beginner and feel more comfortable using the active level – this is fine, but do try to perform the movements at a slower rate, squeeze your exerciser in for at least 2 seconds and release slowly again for a minimum of 2 seconds. You should also aim to be doing 3 sets of 7- 10 repetitions on each side every time. Select your ability and work through programme 1 on the first day and then programme 2 the second time you work out. Do try to do all the exercises, as we want you to be balanced and equally toned.

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