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benefits of endurance training

Endurance equals the time to fatigue, so endurance training is to develop the bodies energy production system to allow a higher intensity of exercise for a longer period.

Increased lean muscle mass and muscle strength from endurance exercise, provides the benefit of being able to work, play and work out for longer periods. Endurance exercise consists of performing low to medium density exercise for long periods of time. This can also strengthen the immune system, reduce injuries, increase energy, efficiency and develop mental stamina.

Muscular endurance
Once you have developed strength to perform a repetitive task (strength and toning programmes). Additional improvement in performance will depend on muscular endurance this is the ability to persist. Endurance training will increase the number of capillaries in the muscle allowing greater blood flow to active muscle, which leads to more efficient use of energy. This is assisted by an increase in the aerobic enzymes and mitochondria (site in cells were oxygen is taken up to produce energy). Endurance training also increases the capacity of skeletal muscle to store glycogen, it also allows the body is able to provide more of its energy from fat, allowing the glycogen stored in muscle and blood glucose to be spared, as a result muscle that was once fatigued in minutes becomes able to endure for hours.

As you will be using the Compact Fitness System for muscular endurance, not strength, ideally you should use the active or sport for these programmes. Steady regulated repetitions, two sets of twenty for each exercise unless otherwise stated for both programmes.

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