benefits of muscle toning

Regular resistance exercise is important for improving muscle shape and tone, this has a huge part to play in overall wellness, keeping high self-esteem, and boosting energy. Increasing muscle tone will also assist in weight management, as muscle is active tissue and needs a constant supply of energy, therefore even at rest your muscles will demand more energy (calories from Carbohydrates) than inactive tissue i.e.: fat. Therefore by developing muscle tone you are increasing your metabolism. Toning your muscles will help you to prevent injury, by improving your balance, strength and stamina and essentially making your muscles more efficient.

Women as they get older can be prone to osteoporosis (a decrease in bone density) Bone density can be increased by doing toning programs as the muscle tendon attachments impacting on the bone, will stimulate bone growth. Regular training also helps maintain good sleep patterns, which is vital for our immune systems.

Exercise stimulates increased blood flow and helps to boost energy too. To complete the Impress Training Programmes for Toning you should be ideally using the lower resistances, which are the Active and Sport levels.

You should be aiming to do at 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions on each side every time. You should work at an active rate – not too fast though, aim for a full second to compress your exerciser and a full second to release the tension gradually and smoothly. Select your ability and work through programme 1 on the first day and then programme 2 the second time you work out. Do try to do all the exercises, as we want you to be balanced and equally toned.

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